What to look forward to after Quitting Smoking

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After you Quit Smoking you can expect the following:

1. A Better Vision
After you quit smoking tobacco you will notice an increase in your vision. You will notice a high definition vision, a wider range of sight and much sharper details.

2. A Better Smelling Power
Your smelling sense gets better after a few days of quitting cigarettes and you can smell flowers, grass, perfumes, fragrances, gas at the gas station, and other smells that have been disabled or faded out in your respiratory system. This is by far the best thing that you notice after quitting cigarettes. You would like to drive your car with the windows down and let the fresh air flow through your system. Overall, it is a great experience and worth quitting for.

3. Increased Stamina
May it be walking, jogging, running or other physical activities like having sex, lifting weight, etc, you will feel a significant increase in your stamina, and will be able to perform like you have never done before. You will be able to work out better and not get tired and exhausted like you do while you are smoking.

4. A Better Speech
By speech I don't mean that your vocabulary will increase, but you will feel a better control over your speech, your voice will become clear and you can speak effortlessly. After a full month of quitting smoking, you will notice that words just flow out of your mouth without any extra effort that you would have put while you were smoking. This is also an amazing feeling and something worth experiencing.

5. A Better Taste
Yummmmm..... How awesome is the feeling of relishing a great taste of everything that you enjoy eating. Smoking lowers the power of your taste buds, and even though you don't notice, you don't really get the true flavor of certain foods. After you quit smoking, your body regains this power and you can taste the flavors again.

6. A Healthier Smile
Don't be surprised when people start asking you what have you done to your face as you start looking much fresher and younger than before. Smoking shows on your skin and after you quit, gradually it goes away and your skin starts glowing again. Most people feel a difference on the area below their eyes and significantly on their chin, actually all around the mouth. You will be able to see this difference in the mirror after you quit smoking.

7. Whiter Teeth
Most definitely when you stop showering your mouth with tar and nicotine plus more than 200 chemicals, your teeth regain their original color and shine. This makes you look great, and also brings a lot of confidence in you.

8. Happier Family
Last but not the least, you will notice a positive change in your family, spouse and kids. You will see that people are not trying to stay away from you, rather the distance is getting closer as each day passes by. Nothing in the world can make you feel better than this. It is a priceless achievement and you will be proud of yourself for the rest of your life.

Besides these significant changes, there are hundreds of other benefits that you will learn about like a much lower risk of having a heart attack, a much lower risk of having a lung or throat or mouth cancer, a lot lower risk of other tobacco related illnesses, and God willingly a longer and healthier life than what you would have lead.

So if you have not yet quit smoking, THINK AGAIN. It is worth it and just think about it, if you would have quit 6 months back, you would be totally worry free, without any more cravings and withdrawal symptoms, so if you quit now, six months later you would feel how you should be feeling today. It is never late, just do it. Do yourself a favor, and don't let this poison kill you. Please.

May God Bless You.