Step 3. Staying smoke free after you Quit Smoking

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Quitting Cigarettes is easy, Staying Smoke Free is Hard

This is what everyone believes in, but this is not necessarily true, if you think positive.
Yes, there are withdrawal symptoms and most of these would tempt you to go back to smoking. Since you have been smoking for a long time now, you have developed a habit of smoking and now is the time to break this habit. And just like a picture frame, the only way to forget something is to replace it by something else.

I would like to take an example of a Picture Frame of Someone you have gotten over. If you simply take a picture out of the picture frame and leave it there, the empty frame will always remind you of the picture that was in there before. To actually forget about that picture, you only have two options. a) Either destroy the picture frame (which you can't do in this case as YOU are the picture frame) or b) Replace the old picture with a new one, a picture of someone you love. Within no time, the new picture will take over the picture frame and bring peace and happiness to you every time you look at it.

Similarly, to break your old habit, you need to replace them with new ones, and this time since you are making a cautious effort, replace the smoking habits and rituals with healthy ones. Here are some suggestions that worked for me:
- Take regular 5 minute walks
It took me 5 minutes to smoke a cigarette, so every time I had an urge to smoke, I would take a bottle of water with me and walk for 5 minutes and keep sipping on the water during this walk. I smoked 20 cigarettes a day, so that makes it 20 five minute walks so I ended walking for 1 hour 40 minutes a day without realizing it. What a great workout. Makes you fresh, makes you feel healthy, get some fresh air and gives you a good break from work.

- Eat Green Vegetables
In our daily routines, we hardly get a chance to eat healthy (specially in my case where I was all into steaks, and other meats), so keep a bunch of celery sticks, or broccoli or any other vegetables or fruits that you like eating. On every urge of smoking, eat some vegetables / fruits and drink water. Not only will it help you skip the urge to smoke, but also give your body enough fiber that will help in your digestion and also help you keep those extra few pounds off you.

- Call an old friend
Another great thing to do. Whenever you feel like smoking, think of a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time and call him/her. This way you will be able to get connected to your friends you haven't spoken to in a long time and you will owe it to your decision to stop smoking.

- Meditate
Did you know 5 minutes of meditation is almost equal to 30 minutes of resting?
And to meditate, you don't need to be lying down, or at a religious place. You can meditate in any position, and at any time of the day as you please. You can meditate sitting on your work chair. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and think about a mountain, all green, and a river with fresh blue water flowing down through the dense forest above you, think about how green and fresh your surrounding is and just try to maintain a calm in your mind to hear and feel whatever you could. And when you feel fresh, open your eyes gently. Nothing like meditation. It might be a little difficult to imagine a peaceful place in mind for the first few times, but if you keep practicing, you will get a hang of it and the results will not only be mental, but also physical as your breathing becomes normal.

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