Smoking decreases your concentration level

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking


Most smokers believe that smoking tobacco helps them concentrate better. Let me ask you something, if smoking helps you concentrate better, why do you take breaks from your work to go and smoke? If you feel like smoking while working, it means you need cigarettes to be able to work altogether. It means smoking is distracting you rather than letting you help.

I would agree with any smoker if he smokes a cigarette in the morning and then works through the day, without being distracted and with full dedication.


In my personal experience, my concentration increased 500% or even more just 5 days after I quit smoking cigarettes. So stop fooling yourself and remember, if you need a reason for smoke, maybe you should start working on finding reasons to quit smoking for good, because you will not find a single reason to smoke. Smoking does not have any benefits.

Fact # 1. A brain with good supply of oxygen has a better concentration than the oxygen deficient brain.
Fact # 2. Smoking reduces your oxygen level in your blood and replaces it with carbon monoxide.
Put these two facts together and you'll have your answer. Just to remind you (if you are not aware), it is the blood that carries oxygen to our brain.

I apologize if I took away one good reason for you to smoke. But this myth had to be busted. Enough is Enough.