Quit Smoking using the Self Awareness Method

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking


This website is designed to help smokers quit smoking. And quitting is not really that difficult. Even though you have had relapses before, I can say with confidence that there was a lack of understanding, that brought you back to smoking (if you ever did quit that is). So my point is that quitting smoking is not difficult at all, as long as you are willing to give it a dedicated shot. This method of quitting that helped me and several others quit smoking for good. It is called "The Self Awareness Method to Quit Smoking".

Every Cigarette is doing you Damage

So the Self Awareness Method works on one simple principle - You need to be aware of the facts about:
- Damage of Smoking on your Body
- Damage of Smoking on your Life
- Benefits of Not Smoking

Once you know what the effects are, how does smoking affect you, you will be able to make a decision if you want to continue smoking or not. To make you aware of the real risks of smoking, we recommend that you watch some videos (included on this site). These videos are recorded by professionals. Once you watch these videos and understand the truth you will make a decision whether you want to quit or not. If you are not sure, you may continue to smoke and keep thinking and reading more about it.

At this point I recommend you to watch the videos listed under "Motivation Tips to Quit":
- Quitting Smoking is Easy, Not at all Hard
- What to expect after you Quit Smoking
- Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, See Actual Lung Cancer Video Here
- Smoking Causes Mouth Cancer, See Actual Mouth Cancer Video Here
- You can lose your voice, check this video

You are under no pressure of quitting. Just do yourself a favor and make sure your decision to continue smoking is justified. If in the future you are lying on your death bed with lung cancer, you will need to tell yourself that I chose this pain and I was presented with enough information to prevent this, but I decided otherwise.

Sorry for being blunt here, but facts are facts. Smoking causes lung cancer and people die with lung cancer. There are no exceptions, and it's not a game of luck. You are smoking cancer causing chemicals and you might get it too. So make sure you are aware of what smoking does to you and then make a decision.

If you decide to continue, you need not read further, but if you are the one who decided to quit, you are ready to proceed to the Prepare to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Section.

After reading through the above section, you would proceed to "Picking a Quit Method"

Remember, Quitting is not difficult, you just need to be aware of the negatives of smoking, and the positives of not smoking. Once you make your brain aware of the reality, your body, which is genetically programmed to protect itself from serious damage, will start working with you, rather than against you. So use this site to make yourself aware of everything and let your mind take the decision. You will not be disappointed.