30 Days after Quitting Smoking Cigarettes

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

I feel Amazing after I Quit Smoking Cigarettes


To be honest, I hardly even remember that I used to smoke now. I would go for days without thinking about cigarettes. In the last one month I have seen pretty much everything that could have triggered my smoking but just one thought made me strong, each time - "I Quit Smoking to save my life, to reduce the risk of Lung Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke or other cancers". Every time when I thought of smoking, this thought just did not let me smoke at all. So the Self Awareness Method is undoubtedly the best way to quit smoking.

What do you say when someone offers you cigarettes?
I was offered cigarettes by people whom I met for the first time (very natural), and also by people whom I knew, and who knew that I am a chain smoker. The first time someone offered me a cigarette, by default, my hand went towards the pack (I am still surprised) but then I said - "I don't want to ... I have .... ummm ... no thanks". HOW DUMB WAS THAT.

Later that day when I couldn't stop laughing on how I reacted, I decided that next time when someone offers me a cigarette I will say "Thanks, but I don't smoke". Say it to yourself to see how great it feels - "I don't smoke". How natural, how strong, how great ... So the very next day, I was offered cigarettes from another person and I smiled and said, no thanks ... I don't smoke. I can't tell you how great I felt after saying that. And sure enough, now that this person knows that I don't smoke, I didn't even feel like smoking at all. Rather, I kept thinking about how good that felt.

How white is your Smile now?
One of the things I didn't like when I used to smoke was my teeth. I always had off-white teeth despite my regular brushing and flossing habits. So after my second week of quitting cigarettes, I was at the dentist chair getting my teeth cleaned. And the hygienist went on and on - you should quit smoking, look at the stains on your teeth, etc. And as soon as he was done, I told him I had quit smoking already. He congratulated me and reassured me that this is the best thing I could have done to myself. He also told me about some really bad cases he had seen of smokers with bad bad teeth and gum infections. Anyhow, he also suggested Zoom Teeth Whitening to revive the whiteness of my teeth and sure enough, I got it done. My teeth were a little sore the whole day but I woke up without any soreness and amazingly white teeth. There is such a difference in my teeth that friends and family can't help but ask, how did that happen (and I just told em, I stopped smoking and that did it :)

Now that I am not smoking, I know the shine will last longer ...

How good do you Smell? I've always worn most of the good men colognes - Polo, Polo Sport, Polo Black, CKs, Fahrenheit, and other high reviewed colognes but I would only smell good for the first 5 minutes or so and after that it all started smelling bad and here is why:

Tobacco smell is absorbed in our body and is let out through your skin. It is false that a smoker smells bad from him/her mouth only. Your sweat has a percentage of tobacco residual smell that gets mixed with the body oils and chemicals on the surface of your skin and cause a bad smell. This when mixed with your cologne could result is a really bad smell. Alternatively, for some people it is different. Specially the ones who go to Gym often and are fit. Fit people secrete better smelling pheromones which may react with a cologne and smell better.

Once you quit smoking, this bad smell starts going away a few days after you quit smoking cigarettes.

I went to the mall and wanted to try some colognes to finally find one that would smell good on me. As you know different colognes react differently with different people, an smell different. So I tried several and the sales lady helped me shortlist two of them. She gave me a couple of sample to try out and there I was, on my way to an expedition to see if I could smell better (something I couldn't do in the past so many years).

I wanted to see which colognes on me, made people compliment it so I wore my first one and went to a client's office where I go often. The girl on the front desk was the first one to say - Woooow, is that you? what are you wearing, you smell so good. (I have to admit that I walk past her at a good speed and then came back, so she could smell my cologne in the air). Anyhow, I was just so excited, I had to get a compliment :)

I was to told by another person the same day, so I knew that the sales lady did a good job helping me short list a cologne.

I noticed that if you tell someone you have quit smoking and want to rediscover yourself, people take extra interest in you and help you out. So both the colognes are a hit and no matter where I go, at least one or two people tell me how good I am smelling. I couldn't have ever imagined this if I hadn't quit smoking. The amount of confidence in you increases so much by just knowing you don't stink.

Can you tell if you are with a smoker?
If someone smoked a cigarette in the last one hour, there is nothing that person can do, besides brushing his teeth, AND taking a shower, that could help him hide from me that he is a smoker. It is so strange that when I used to smoke, I would pop a piece of mint in my mouth and expect the interviewer to now know that I have smoked. That was so crazy. Everything of a smoker, smells of smoke - his/her clothes, hair, breath (even nasal), skin ... everything. If a smoker enters my house, I can smell that smoke from the entire house with a high concentration of smell where that person was seated.

I can think of a thousand occasions where I just took things for granted and ignored the fact that smoked and can smell bad. I used to think, if I can't smell myself, nobody can. But the fact is that everyone who doesn't smoke, can smell you (you're like the ugly duckling there, who can be spotted by everyone else as different, but to you, you are not).

Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $348.75 - My Car Payment is lower than this, so is my Phone, Cable, Cell Phone and Internet Combined.