The Second Day kicked in some Withdrawal Symptoms

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March 13, 2009.

Here come the Withdrawal Symptoms

Starting the day was ROUGH. I am so used to reaching out for my cigarettes first thing in the morning and as usual, this is what I did again. I had totally forgotten that I had quit cigarettes. For about a few minutes I kept wondering that there is something wrong. Then it hit me, I have quit smoking :) and then came for first wave of craving (I was so certain that it was psychological). I remember feeling irritated as I could not go to the toilet in the morning as I always go after I smoke. It made me feel uncomfortable and I was becoming irritated. Good thing I had ordered Nicoderm Patches Online before hand. I thought of putting on my first patch but wanted to wait till I really reach a point where I absolutely needed it.

I ignored the the fact that I couldn't start my day normally and thought let's see how long would my body not allow my bowel movement to get normal. I took a shower, had my breakfast and went to work. Now smoking while driving was another big challenge, and I was prepared for it. I had a bottle of vitamin water that I kept sipping throughout my journey. It really helped. I drove with my windows open on local roads and enjoyed the fresh air.

At around 2pm, I started feeling very irritated with everything, my colleagues, my work, I couldn't focus or do anything. Though everything about me was normal from everyone's point of view, but nobody had an idea of what I was going through on the inside. I drank lot of water, took frequent breaks and nothing seemed to help. So I opened my pack of patches and put the first patch on. I wanted to avoid using em, but didn't have a chance as I was not able to focus elsewhere. After about 15 minutes of putting the patch on my arm, I was back to normal. What a Relief.

After putting the patch on, I did not crave cigarettes, neither did I feel irritated any more. I had developed a weird sensation in my chest earlier today, which also went away after I wore the patch.

Drove home happy and fresh, and for the first time in ten years, I could feel that my car was stinking of something bad. I went home and asked my wife to sit in my car and tell me if she smelled something weird ... She said, no, that's how your car always smell. For a moment, I felt as if I was living in a totally different world all this while, which was ignorant and blind to so many things. My car always stunk and I never knew. So many people sat in my car, so many kids and I didn't even realize that they would feel a stink in my car, the stink of burnt tobacco.

I entered my house and I could smell food cooking. I always thought I could smell things but there was something different today. The smell was like high definition. I could smell everything smell separately like soup, bread, butter and even coffee. Earlier, I think I used to smell everything merged together. It was a nice feeling, believe me. You need to experience it to understand what I mean. During dinner I could smell lemon so distinctively. So overall my smelling power had enhanced and I think this happened because of my nostrils not being hit by smoke, tar, nicotine and the other 2000 chemicals present in cigarettes. I forgot to take my blood pressure before I quit smoking but at night today my blood pressure was 104 / 75 which is great.

Finally at night I was able to go to the toilet. :) what a relief. To be honest, I was thinking it would take a few days before I would be able to go since I could never go without smoking. So one less thing for me to worry about. I took of my patch as I wanted to start using them in the morning from now on. Drank a glass of milk with sugar to avoid any gas formation in my stomach. Went to bed and was able to sleep in 10-20 minutes.

The cravings throughout the day were much weaker than the first day and after I put the patch on, the cravings were gone. However because of the smoking habit I did remember that I was not smoking during my usual triggers like after eating, while walking my dog.

Yes, I did make it to Day 3 without smoking and my confidence was only getting stronger

Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $22.50