Twelve Days without Smoking Cigarettes

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

March 23, 2009.

12 Days without Smoking, going strong
I never realized that quitting cigarettes would be so easy for me. And strangely, the process that I used to quit was never introduced to me by anyone. I give full credit of my quitting to the Self Awareness Method. This method not only helps you quit, it actually made me quit. And every day that passes by, I become strong as compared to the last time I had quit smoking, every day made me miss smoking more and I eventually got back to it.

With my experience now, I want to tell the readers that do not sit there and judge quit methods as if you already know what works and what doesn't. The Self Awareness Method on this site works silently on your brain without you requiring to put in any efforts. Then your brain starts telling you that you are not doing the right thing and your mind eventually agrees with the brain and prompts you to quit smoking. Now, the brain, which has the nicotine receptors, does feel the withdrawal symptoms, but since it believes and knows what smoking does to you, your brain helps your mind deal with quitting. And thus, this transformation is permanent.

In addition to quiting cigarettes, you will also become health conscious and want to cleanse your system from within, increase your stamina and get in shape. So by following the Self Awareness Method you will benefit on several fronts.

Work Related Benefits of Quitting Cigarettes
I just did a little math today - It took me around 6 minutes to smoke a cigarette. And since I was a pack and a half smoker, I would spend 6 X 30 minutes a day smoking. That makes it 3 hours. So I spent 3 hours every day smoking. So by not smoking cigarettes, I saved those 3 hours and I subconsciously used that time in working, sleeping, resting etc. This is one reason why I feel I am more productive than before. Combined with high concentration, it just makes it even better.

Like I said yesterday, I don't think about smoking anymore, so it is great because I am not trying to restrict myself or struggling to keep my mind off smoking. When I had quit, I really thought I would live my entire life, trying hard not to smoke, but in mere 12 days the habit is broken, the cravings are gone and I am leading a happy life. It's nice to hear people come and ask you what perfume are you wearing, you smell good :). As a smoker, no matter what fragrance you used, the smell of cigarettes always used to be the loudest smell on you. So here's is another great reason for quitting cigarettes.

So Cheers to all the quitters out there. One last thing that I must tell you is that I could feel a great increase in my libido and after searching on the internet, I found that smoking cigarettes DOES affect your libido. So that's one more treat for you.

The 13th day horror of my Quit Smoking Program was scary, but I made it through.

Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $135.00