Third Day after I Quit Smoking, Cravings for Food Started

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March 14, 2009.

Welcome Food Cravings and Withdrawal Symptoms

Like I said, my smelling power had really increased, but today after around 2pm I noticed that a strange congestion had started developing. It felt as if the deposits from my throat, lungs, etc had been detached from the walls of my throat and I could feel a bad taste and smell through my wind pipe and food pipe. Not a comfortable thing. I wish I could catch a cold or something with a runny nose that will assist in getting everything out. It is weird but only reinforced the fact that I am doing a great job by quitting cigarettes.

Some Noticeable Changes in my Body
The best thing I noticed today was that I could really take a VERY deep breath. Almost like I could fill my lungs with air, effortlessly. This does not mean that my lungs have healed, but it certainly looks like they are getting better than before, even a slightest improvement has such a great impact, I am loving it. Thanks to Nicoderm for keeping other nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms away from me. I took off my patch this morning around 9AM and put the other one on around 5PM. I was just trying to give my body a break. I did feel a little irritable without the patch but with the patch it was cool. We watched a comedy movie and I could laugh, loved the food and everything was normal. Walking the dog was also not as bad today but I think I need something in my hand to keep me distracted. I would love to get some kind of an accupressure ball that would massage some energy points on my hands during moments like this.

A felt dizzy and light headed during the day. I was wondering what happened and then after looking it up on the internet I discovered that excess oxygen in my brain was making me feel light headed. Strange but true, my body is not used to getting a good amount of oxygen any more. So it is not taking time to adjust to it. How sad, actually. But to be honest, for my third day without smoking cigarettes, I am doing good. The small changes in my body are making me so happy that I am getting away from the very thought of smoking.

In my mind, the weakest moment would be when I meet my friends who smoke, and now, after three days only, I can already relate to meeting my friends and telling them boldly that I have quit successfully and recommend them to visit this site to see the videos and other information that will help them make the decision to quit. When I see smokers now, I feel I should go and tell them to quit and tell them that it is definitely worth a try, and the benefits are mind blowing. I feel like telling people that even if you DON'T want to quit, at least just don't smoke at all for one week and see how you feel. I am smart however, to stay out of anyone's business so I won't go and start lecturing people, but I really feel like doing it.

No, I didn't forget the food cravings ...
So around 5PM'ish, I got this uncontrollable craving for food. I wanted to eat stuff like chips, nuts, cheese, etc. Even though I had carrots, bananas and apples sitting right there, I didn't feel like eating any of these and only wanted to eat the non-healthy stuff. And ... being honest, I couldn't stop myself. I did munch on chips a lot. I know this is what will make me gain weight, so I need to be very careful about this and force myself to eat celery, carrots, or other vegetables if I must munch on something. This will help me keep my weight under watch.

Besides this the day was pretty smooth. The dizziness is still there and I think it would last a day or two more but no worries as I know it is a good process, not a bad one.

I felt sleepy earlier than yesterday night and hit the bed at midnight, and I was asleep within the first 10 minutes or so. There was not even one moment when I craved nicotine strongly. Thanks to Nicoderm Patches that I ordered from THIS SITE.

I want to use patches as they help me focus on my health and habit, but I also want to avoid using them all the time, so my body can be nicotine free. This means I do not use them as suggested on the box, but that is fine as long as I don't let myself fall back in to smoking. So I think I will not use a nicotine patch on my 4th day without cigarettes. This would help me boost my own confidence.

Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $33.75