"THE" Tenth Day without Smoking Cigarettes

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March 21, 2009.

"THE" Tenth Day without any Nicotine at all

I can't tell you how proud I feel after quitting cigarettes. The 10th day was a landmark. Imagine, it was a Saturday night, everything was just normal and suddenly I got a call from a friend at night and we figured that we have an invitation for a dance party in NYC. I totally wanted to avoid it with the fear that I might end up wanting cigarettes after having a few drinks there. But I will tell you what happened later, first let me go through the entire day as I usually do in all of my reports.

Woke up super fresh, went out for a walk and do I need to mention that every time I step out of the house, the overwhelming fragrances around me just drive me crazy. I enjoy the freshness so much and being so close to the beach, I could smell the beach from my house when the breeze moves west of us as the beach is at absolute east less than a mile away.

My apatite has returned to normal and I feel like eating food as much as I relish the flavors. I can even make out the difference in taste of various waters - Bottled, Filtered, or tap water. It is so strange but so nice at the same time. I could taste everything that I eat with much higher details than before.

I noticed that my respiratory canal is getting better day by day as I could feel a better flow of water through my nostrils as I practiced Neti. Neti is a great exercise and I recommend anyone reading this report to try it. It cleans your system like nothing else. Additionally if you research the benefits of Neti you will see that it helps cure breathing related problems and also makes your nasal track strong and helps resist cold/cough better. Besides that the feeling of being totally cleaned up just after doing it is amazing. I practice Neti at least once a day, in the morning.

I have developed somewhat of a passion for fragrances now. I want my car to smell good, at all times. I bought a car fragrance and spray it once before I start my journey. It just makes me feel so good that my car smells nice now, no more suffocating smell of tobacco.

Quitting Cigarettes Increases Creativity and Imagination
I had no idea what quitting will do to me on this part of my career / life. I have been trying to work on a specific graphic for the last 4 months and just couldn't get anywhere with it. Yesterday I gave it another shot and you won't believe but just like I knew everything before hand, which color combination would work, what kind of pattern do I need here, how wide border, how big a font, what color text, EVERYTHING fell in place itself and I was able to make the entire graphic is less than one hour. And it is like nothing that I've done before. Very creative. I think (emphasis on "THINK"), that due to more oxygen in my brain now, it is letting my brain think better and visualize combinations, graphics, etc better than before. So it would be safe to say that now my brain is not limiting itself. It can go deeper and deeper from one thought to another without losing its grip on the subconscious mind. It is like your brain is running multiple threads, but interestingly you are aware of each one of them and are in control of each thread (imagine holding 10 ropes tied to 10 horses (all walking in different directions), and knowing that pulling each thread will bring the horse back). Something like that. you are aware of your thoughts and you let them go where they need to go but you can control them totally.

I am sorry if I sound weird here, but this is a fact and you must experience it to know what I mean. I guess it just didn't make me creative enough to be able to express my thoughts too well yet :)

Okay so coming back to Saturday night at NYC on my 10 day of not smoking ... I think most of it is psychological but I was so worried about going to a place where people will be drinking, where friends will be smoking and to really talk to someone you have to step out of the club as the music is so loud that you can't really talk in there. After speaking with my friend in the late evening, and after we decided to hit the club, I started preparing myself in my mind for situations and had an "ESCAPE POINT" for every situation. Something like this:

- While Talking to Friends who are Smoking:
  If I feel like smoking as a result of being in the company, I would step away to call someone.
  If someone offered me a cigarette I would say I have a very sore throat and don't want to smoke.

- While Sitting in the car with Smokers:
  Prefer to sit near the window and think of how they are killing themselves.
  Think about the Lung Cancer Video

And so on... But my main focus was to just try and escape situations. The reason why I preferred telling them I have a sore throat instead of telling them that I quit, is to avoid a thread where people give me ideas / examples and negative success stories. I am very confident that down the line, I will be able to debate with anyone of how easy it really is to quit, but for now it is in my best interest to avoid such discussions.

So, when we reached the party, I saw a bunch of smokers smoking, laughing, and every puff that they inhaled, I could feel it in my chest and surprisingly before we even reached the entrance, I was already turned off by the idea of smoking that I got into the frame of mind - "There is nothing, anyone can do to make me smoke". I just kept thinking of how those people outside were smoking and they were laughing. They have no idea what awaits them further in life. How with each puff they are inhaling over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT.

I had fun at the party, and sure enough, I was as distant from smoking as I was to the Himalayas.

So the trick is to READ, LEARN AND THINK
Read more about What a cigarette does to you, read about Chemicals Found in Cigarettes and information like What are Tobacco Companies doing to keep smokers addicted to Cigarettes. Knowledge is a blessing. Make yourself aware of everything related to smoking so when you feel like smoking, at least you can give yourself enough data to make the right decision.

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Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $112.50