Day Six ... I am not trying to quit anymore. I am Quitting.

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March 17, 2009.

On Day 6 I Stopped Trying to Quit Smoking and Started Quitting

You might think that there is no difference, but believe me, there is. The difference is in your attitude, it is in your mind, your thoughts. Till the time I kept thinking I was "TRYING" to quit, I knew it was an attempt, not that I had quit smoking cigarettes altogether. It did not mean that I had been successful. It did not mean Smoking cigarettes was behind me. It meant, I am in the process of quitting and not sure if I would be able to quit or not.

So the first thing that I did when I forced myself out of bed on the 6th day was to tell my self, great, so I have finally quit smoking cigarettes. Wow, that is good news, I did it. I am successful. And I brushed my teeth, felt that freshness, went out in the air for 10 minutes and just inhaled all the fresh air. Finally I quit, I said and started my day.

This one little exercise did a lot of magic over me. First of all, knowing that you haven't smoked for 6 days, is motivating enough. And since I didn't use many nicotine patches, I could safely say I have been nicotine free since the last 6 days which makes all the more difference. I then started my day normally, went to drop my wife at her work, drove back with my car windows open, came home and since I was working from home today, I just had a blast at home. I got back took a nice long shower. During the shower I could smell my own body smell too. I could smell my old deodorant I had used the day before. I didn't even know that the fragrance of the deodorant could last 24 hours. And when you smoke, nobody will even notice that you smell good, well, because you just don't.

All these discoveries are great. I feel like a kid exploring something new every day. To be honest, I am very happy to have smoked and now quit because I don't think non-smokers could ever experience this feeling :).

I sat down to work at around 9.45 and took my first break at 4 pm. Can you believe it? I mean sure you could but I can't. This is how my work schedule with cigarettes looked like:
- 9.00 - 9.45 - work, then cigarette break.
- 10.00 - 11.30 - work, then cigarette break.
- 11.45 - 1.00 PM - work, then lunch and cigarette break.
- 2.00 - 3.30 - work, then cigarette break.
- 3.45 - 5.00 - barely work, then cigarette break and out of work.

And I am not kidding. Rather, sometimes more breaks to smoke and believe me at 4.30ish I would start looking at the clock to get out of work. So yesterday was my first day of very high concentration where I just kept working without any intervals. I didn't even feel like getting up to eat or drink anything. Just got up twice to get some water and that's all about it. Overall, all the work that I did during these hours was worth what I would usually do in 2-3 days.

So there is really a significant improvement in my concentration and also I can see some changes in my memory. It feels like my memory is clearing up. I can remember daily tasks very clearly. I now have an idea of the time, in my mind, without requiring to see the watch. And overall feeling a lot more energetic.

I do feel sometimes like I am intoxicated and not my usual self, but hey, I know I just quit smoking and it is nothing but the withdrawal symptoms making me feel light headed. It is a challenge for me to overcome them and now I don't even feel like I have to put an effort on not wanting to smoke. I just don't want to smoke. So when the withdrawal symptoms kick in, I ignore them with ease.

A Breathing Exercise for Lungs
Breathing has become a lot easier and smooth. I could really breathe in very deep now. Earlier I couldn't. So while sitting, I would just inhale all I could to fill myself with as much air as I could, keep it in there for a few seconds and exhale it out slowly. This exercise helps me expand my lungs, which loosens the grip of tar and finally releases it. As I start with the Neti cleansing treatment I will be able to bring out all this tar through cough and help my lungs to be clean.

This is the second exercise that I like doing. I started it today, so it will be a few days before I can see some results like increase in stamina, higher oxygen intake, and overall freshness and more energy.
So I first fill myself totally, and while breathing in, I also blow my tummy out so it gives more room for the lungs to expand. Then I hold the breath there for a few seconds (roughly 10 seconds) and I start exhaling slowly. I exhale till I am at zero level of breath, then I push my belly in further to squeeze out all the air that is in there, I do it till the point where I could feel my facial muscles contract.

Doing this a few times will make you cough out some flem, and that is all you want at this point, take out all you could. Keep hydrated and keep doing this exercise if it doesn't bother you. Please be aware, that I am just another IT person who has just quit smoking cigarettes and am sharing my experiences with you. If you feel any exercise that I suggest does not suit you, please don't do it. Go and check with your doctor before doing anything that you are not comfortable with.

I went to bed early, despite feeling energetic at night. I could have worked till late, but thought I'd save the energy to use at the Gym the next day. I want to go to the gym and do some cardio exercises as vigorously as I could to see how my lungs react to it. My lungs are my primary focus right now and I want to make sure I get them back in shape as soon as possible. Over the years, I have damaged my lungs a lot and have filled them up with tar. Now is the time for me to Clear and Detoxify my Lungs so that they help me live a healthier life. Remember, just quitting cigarettes does not make your lungs healthy. It does help, and does have a good result on our lungs, but we must do all it takes to make sure they support us when we need them the most.

The rest of the day was great. I went for a long walk with my dog at night. It was awesome. Didn't feel like smoking and didn't have to use the patch the entire day either. So that is good. I am getting stronger as each day passes. I'm looking forward to tomorrow as it will mark my first week of a cigarette free life.

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Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $67.50