Day Seven without cigarettes ! Hurray

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March 18, 2009.

Hurray! It's been a full week without smoking cigarettes.

Guys I can't tell you in words, how great I feel today. It has been one full week and for the first time today I tested my lungs out at the Gym. Interestingly my day started perfect as I woke up fresh (and I mean FRESH). I felt energetic and I was on the go. Had my tea and my system seems to be working perfectly. I go to the bathroom and am done within no time, don't need to just sit and wait there like all smokers do. This is one relief I am telling you. Additionally I could feel my body trying to cleanse itself by losing all the water. I urinated at least 10-15 times today and each and every time I felt that the flow was beyond my control. It felt as if my body was opening up, as if it was taking out everything that it thinks doesn't belong in there. I drank a lot of water to keep up with the water loss to avoid dehydration.

Vigorous Cardio at the Gym
Anyhow, so I went to the gym and after doing my regular weight exercises, I started my cardio. I ran as vigorously as I could, and I wanted my lungs to reach a point where they couldn't take it any more. After 2 minutes of running at 15 MPH on the Elliptical Trainer, I could see sweat flowing from my forehead making thin lines of water flowing as if it came out of a tap. I was getting close to becoming breathless but today I wanted to see that, I challenged my lungs to tell me how much could they handle, so I carried on. After another minute or so (which felt like forever) I could hear my self as I was breathing from my mouth now, I could see people turning and looking at me and one guy just decided to stop his own workout and started looking at me as he thought I was doing some kind of a special training. I was sure he would start clapping as soon as I get done. Only if anyone could understand what I was feeling. My heart rate had gone up to 178 from 110 when I started and my legs were kinda giving up too. I still managed to do 5 minutes of vigorous cardio and then 2 minutes of cooldown. So in these 7 minutes (towards the end) I could feel that when I inhaled quite a lot, there was a strange pain in my lungs. So I need to workout my lungs more so that they can expand and not hurt.

I'll do some research on breathing exercises to help my lungs heal and post the information here so it could be available to you all as well.

What amazes me is that those 7 minutes I ran in the morning, was something I couldn't have ever imagined if I was still smoking. I remember, I could not jog at 7 mph for 5 minutes in a row once before. So the 7 days of not smoking did help me build my stamina. I intend to do this exercise more often and reach a point where I could breathe in as much as my lungs could expand and not feel any pain. That is my goal for my lungs.

The day went fantastic. I met a friend who smokes, I stood with him as he was smoking, he offered me a cigarette and I replied, no thanks, I just had one. This avoided any discussion that this could have lead to. I will tell him later if I must but for now that is fine. The cigarette smoke DID bother me and interestingly it did not make me want to smoke but rather just get going. And that is what I did. I wanted to tell him that I have quit and you should too, but I don't think it's right though. Whoever wants to quit should quit because they want to, not because I said do :)

I also took my car to a car wash and got it cleaned up from inside. Finally the smell has gone from the car and the fabric freshener did it's magic and the car smells awesome. I wonder how my wife, my friends, my parents, my nephew / niece ever sat in my car. It was so cruel of me to make them sit in the car that stunk so bad. But now the nightmare is over. The car smells good and I enjoy driving more now as I constantly feel fresh. Luckily I never smoked inside my house, else it would be required for me to get the whole house professionally cleaned.

There is NO REASON for you to go back to Smoking
Just one tip for anyone who has quit and feels like smoking a cigarette:
If you feel like smoking, ask your self to give you one reason to smoke. If the reason is good enough, go ahead and smoke.

I am saying this because I just realized there is no good reason to smoke. I always thought my concentration becomes better by smoking, actually, it doesn't. My concentration now, is beyond any time of my life. I could sit and work for hours without feeling the need of a break. Also during this time when I am working, I only work and my mind doesn't get tired.

I am a lot less stressed as I don't have any task on my mind. I always thought smoking makes me stress free, but the fact is that I am stress free now, after I quit smoking.

I don't get bored now. I also thought that I smoke to remove boredom, but the fact is that since I am not smoking, there is no boredom for me to remove. I am always doing something or the other and since my mind is fresh, I am more energetic and on the move.

So if you are telling yourself you need to smoke for any of the above reasons, THINK AGAIN. Because there is no aspect of your life that smoking can make better. And stop treating smoking as an entity. It is not. It is just a bad habit like nail biting but yes, smoking can kill you, nail biting can not. So don't let this poison get back in your life.

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Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $78.75