First Day without Smoking Cigarettes

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March 12, 2009.

First Day without Smoking Cigarettes, also the Toughest Day
I had picked this quit date a week back and all I did during this week was read all the articles provided on this site, watched all the videos, and read about lung cancer, and how it can NOT be reversed. I focused on the thought that every cigarette I smoke is doing me damage and killing more cells on my lungs and taking me close to being detected with lung cancer.

On the quit date, I had 7 cigarettes in my pack so instead of throwing them away, I smoked all of them in the morning and afternoon and quit smoking at 3.35 PM (EST) by throwing my last cigarette and saying, "goodbye forever, poison".

The first few hours were easy, as my body didn't realize that it will never get any more nicotine from me. At around 7pm or so I started getting my first strong cravings. I let it last for some time and as I started drinking a lot of water, the craving subsided. I knew that I would get some serious withdrawal symptoms since I have been smoking a lot in the past one month or so. The next wave of strong cravings came just after I had my dinner at 9pm. This one was hard and since I was already full, I couldn't drink too much water. I also wanted to avoid eating anything at that time because there is a chance of munching taking over my habit of smoking, and the end result will be a weight gain. So I just had to literally stop myself from going out. It was hard, but lasted only for about 5 minutes. I took my dog out for a very short walk, as that reminded me of smoking very much. I then went to bed and just laid there for 30-45 minutes before I fell asleep.

The first few cravings are the worse and I was happy that I was able to overcome them one after another.

I would like everyone who reads this, to know, that this effort is worth it and as you overcome every wave of craving, the cravings become weaker, and you become stronger. So look forward to them, and let them come. Be a batsman and think of cravings as a ball coming right at you, you have so many options here, you can either just ignore it or hit it back by not letting yourself fall into the trap. In the end, either way, you'll come out as a winner.

On my second day I started Nicoderm Nicotine Patches because the withdrawal symptoms got hard for me to handle, specially the fact that I was becoming irritable. Visit my Day 2 of Quitting Cigarettes and see how the day went through.

Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $11.25