Ninth Day without Smoking Cigarettes

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March 20, 2009.

Am I Totally Off Cigarettes or am I still Vulnerable?

Nine days without any nicotine feels great. I am very strong and confident that I won't go back to smoking now. Like I mentioned on the previous day reports, I have no reason to go back to smoking, specially after being blessed with such good benefits of quitting cigarettes. But my concern is that am I totally an Ex Smoker yet or am I still vulnerable to falling into the trap of smoking?

Being strong and understanding the risks and ill effects of smoking does not mean that there are no temptations to smoke. It doesn't mean that you don't have moments that make you want to quit. Everyone has moments when they want to smoke because they just enjoyed smoking so much. But the fact is you need to use your strength to pull you out of your moment. For instance, yesterday was a great day, very productive and like I said, my brain has started working so well since I quit smoking, that I can totally concentrate on my work and deliver more than what I myself expect from myself. It was healthy, I ate well, drank well, worked out pretty well, though I didn't do any cardio because I did not go to the Gym. I didn't realize when the whole day passed by and there came the evening. The Friday Evening ... So I with a few of my friends went out, drank, ate and came back home where we decided to play a game of scrabble. During this game, I noticed that everyone was kind of distracted, someone wanted to watch TV, others wanted to watch a match on the computer and suddenly I realized I was getting bothered by this and was thinking I either want everyone to pay attention or I should just leave. This was a moment I would have normally gotten up and went out for a smoke.

So I had to put myself together there, firstly deal with the urge to smoke, and secondly watch my temperament and not get bothered and rather try to enjoy what we were doing. So firstly I told myself that smoking is long gone, I don't need it, regarding other people not paying attention, I just thought it was good that they were distracted, I could concentrate better (thanks to quitting cigarettes) and plan my game better. So this probably was the first time I really put together a strategy and played. Undoubtedly I wont :)

So not that winning a game of scrabble among 4 friends including 2 who were drunk (including me) was a big deal, but it was just a way to bring in some positive thoughts and something to look forward to, at a moment when I was thinking of retiring from the game or even worse, step out for a smoke.

One thing that you need to think about when you feel like smoking (and specially when you start considering it) is How would you feel a day after you smoked and broke your promise to yourself? If you quit smoking for even some time and then end up going back to it, you feel guilty and repent that moment of relapse for the rest of your life. So do all it takes to NOT SMOKE. Remember, even the strongest cravings would not last more than 5 minutes.

On the better health side, I am doing great. My breathing is getting better every day and, with Neti and Yoga to clean my respiratory system, I could feel a lot of cough coming out. Cough is one of the most common ways for your body to clean itself of all the toxins, nicotine and tar deposits. I highly recommend following the "Self Healing Methods" mentioned on this site as they really help you clean your system and reduce your risks for various diseases.

Overall, I am so happy to have successfully quit smoking that I have started encouraging other smokers that I know to quit smoking. If you are a smoker, just quit to go through this amazing feeling that I am experiencing. It is worth every effort.

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Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $101.25