Fourteen Days without Smoking Cigarettes were really educative

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

March 25, 2009.

Successful Completion of 2 weeks without smoking a cigarette
I want to start off the 14th day report by giving out this testimonial for the "Self Awareness Method" by Raakesh.

If you go online and search for methods to Quit Smoking, you'll end up finding more than a dozen methods who claim to have a high success rate and are totally competent with the others. I have tried a few methods before and I have to tell you that the reason why the "Self Awareness Method" stands out of the crowd is that with every passing day you become stronger in your effort to quit smoking, rather than weak, which most other quit methods make you. Most of the other quit methods including guides, patches, audio books, and books try to keep you hooked off for a few days or a month and expect you to cross an undefined threshold point of no return. But that ain't how it works. There is no threshold. There is no point beyond which you become a natural non-smoker. There are people who had a relapse after 10 days, one month, 6 months, 10 months, some even got back to smoking after one, or even 2 years. The only reason why someone would have a relapse after the first week of cravings is the fact that when they quit, they were not convinced with the reason to quit, or they did not believe that quitting was the right thing to do, or they simply took it so lightly and thought that if I could quit once, I can quit again.

With the Self Awareness Method, you quit with a foundation of strong reasoning, and you continue to live based on that foundation eliminating any chance of a relapse in the future. If followed correctly, the Self Awareness Method to Quit Cigarettes will be the end of your "trying to quit mission".

Back to my 14th day report
These two weeks were very educative and informative. So I would like this report to be more informative than the previous ones and properly categorized.

1. Advantages and Benefits of Quitting Smoking Cigarettes
The most significant aspect of my effort to quit smoking is the benefit of quitting. Before I quit smoking, I did not know what to really expect after I quit. Just like many of you would also do, my focus was on the challenges and hurdles of quitting rather than thinking about the benefits. So each benefit came to me as a very pleasant surprise and even though I am a 30 year old, 225 lbs, 6 feet tall strong guy, I cried out loud once after I saw such improvements in my health. I cried because I didn't even know it was possible for me and my body to feel so good. I cried and cursed the day I started smoking. I don't even know what all I missed in the dark years of my smoking. My career, my education, my achievements, could all be so much better if I never smoked. But better late than never, so I find peace in the fact that I still did myself a favor by quitting and I am sure things would be different in the coming years. So here are some of the things that made a very serious impact in my life after I quit smoking cigarettes:

i) The strain on my heart has decreased making my heart stronger.
ii) My lungs are not being damaged anymore, and I breathe better.
iii) All my senses are enhanced including Smell, Taste, Vision, Hearing and Feel (more sensitive fingertips and stable hands).
iv) Huge increase in my overall stamina.
v) Significant increase in my muscle power (I can workout with heavier weights, due to more oxygen in my muscles)
vi) Significant decrease in blood pressure (118/79 to 110/65).
vii) Significant decrease in heart rate (80bpm to 58bpm).
viii) Increase in concentration and focus.
ix) Increase in memory and creativity / imaginative ability.
x) Decrease in stress and overall better feeling.
xi) Decreased risk of Lung Cancer
xii) Decreased risk of Throat Cancer
xiii) Decreased risk of Heart Attack
xiv) Decreased risk of Stroke
i) A happier family.
ii) A safe and pollution free environment at home and work.
iii) Nobody being affected with passive smoking.
iv) Everyone comes closer than before as I don't smell of tobacco anymore.
v) Can sleep with my wife, while facing her :)
vi) Very high concentration while working.
vii) Increase in creativity and ability to imagine situations better (as a test I multiplied 645 and 87 on an imaginary whiteboard and got the right result).
viii) Better motivations in life (earlier everything revolved around cigarettes, now I am looking forward to achieving some serious goals.
ix) Much more health conscious than before, my appearance, my personality, and everything about me is not becoming important, earlier I would just ignore everything.
x) The most important factor - Confidence. I know if I can quit cigarettes (something that kept poisoning me since the past so many years), I can take control of any situation in the world. I believe, I can do it.

2. Challenges on my way to becoming a non-smoker
i) Lot of cravings on the first 4-5 days.
ii) Withdrawal symptoms makin me feel lightheaded, intoxicated, and craving from day 3-6.
iii) Fear of facing the world of smokers, friends whom I smoked with, clubs, etc.
iv) Low blood pressure, low pulse rate and some depression.
v) Lack of concentration and focus on the first few days.

NOTHING stayed more than a few days. I have totally stopped craving nicotine now, I feel perfectly good and way better than I ever felt before, my blood pressure and heart are low (but it is considered good and shows signs of good health) AND my concentration is more than ever. I can sit and work for hours with total dedication and focus.

There are no IFs for me now. I have sat in a car with smoking passengers, I've been in the same room with smokers, I've stood with my neighbor whom I always used to smoke with, and I have spent days with a pack of cigarettes in my pocket. I just threw it away as I don't need to prove myself how much I repel cigarettes now. I actually threw it rather than giving it to someone who smokes to save that someone from smoking more.

So I recommend you to stick to the Self Awareness Method to Quit Smoking and you will be where I am in just 14 days of your quitting cigarettes.

Nobody in the world can make me smoke now ... There is nothing one can offer me to become a smoker. NOTHING.

I will give you another update after another 2 weeks when I complete my first month of being a non smoker. Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $157.50