Day Five ... I thought I need to smoke else I will get sick

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

March 16, 2009.

Day Five Scared me

I woke up tired and out of habit wanted to go and get myself a cigarette. The coffee in the morning just didn't do it for me. I tried to work but could not concentrate properly. So at work, and personally it was not one of the productive days.

I didn't feel like smoking as much but because I was feeling kind of lethargic, I was thinking maybe I should just smoke and forget the idea of quitting. But then again I watched the lung cancer video and it did it for me. Some of these videos just make me hate smoking within a second. But the reason for me to feel lethargic and not too happy was the fact that my blood pressure and heart rate had dropped significantly.

It is normal for the blood pressure to drop after you quit smoking. As a matter of fact, only 20 minutes after you quit smoking your blood pressure starts dropping. From 118 / 78, my blood pressure went down to 102 / 67 and my pulse rate which normally is around 75-80 dropped to 63. This made me feel weak. So I had a good dinner, lot of soup and boom, I was feeling great again. So no need to smoke. Just eat healthy and your health will help you take care of itself.

Due to the fact that I was so lazy, I just lazed around and went to bed early and woke up fresh (for a change). Remember, I am not using patches because I want to see how I fair without them. I could put on a patch and will start feeling normal. I just want to take it the hard way. But I am considering to use the patches before my health just makes me get back to smoking instead.

I was to do a project before I went to sleep. I didn't do it because I didn't feel upto it. Which technically meant, I couldn't concentrate and didn't have the energy to work. But don't let my experience discourage you, because My 6th Day just ROCKED. Things changed quickly on the 6th day. Read More.

Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $56.25