Eleventh Day without Smoking Cigarettes

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March 22, 2009

The Eleventh Day without smoking cigarettes was different

I would mark this day as the turnaround day for me as a smoker. I have heard about people getting back to smoking after 6 months, one year, two years but remember, they are not pulled into smoking due to cravings or anything. Most people get back because they think they can social smoke now as they are ex smokers. Social smoking is the same as smoking for ex smokers. All it takes is one drag of nicotine into your brain and the dormant nicotine receptors become active again and start craving for more. Although as the time passes by the total number of nicotine receptors starts reducing in your brain, they don't just disappear as soon as you quit. They are there, just dormant and not used to getting any nicotine anymore. So it is that mistake that gets people back into smoking.

Funny but true: To avoid a relapse after several months all you need to do is think that you are not "THE" super man who can suddenly become a social smoker and smoke a cigarette here and there. If you have been a smoker before, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. Do not take that drag, for any reason whatsoever. Just remember that, that one drag is the trigger that will activate all your nicotine receptors and you'll have to go through this entire exercise again.

The Eleventh Day - as "THE DAY" for Quitters
I haven't really read many day by day stories of people quitting cigarettes (because I am not as fortunate as you are) so I am not sure what everyone experiences on the 11th day. For me, this day was very special because this was the first day of my life, when I didn't think about smoking the entire day. As a matter of fact, my father mentioned to one of my uncles over a drink that I had quit smoking and that's when I first thought about cigarettes. I had totally forgotten about em. So it is safe to say that not only do you "not crave" but you can get rid of the habit of being a smoker in 11 days.

My focus at this moment is on cleansing my system. I have developed a passion for Neti Treatment and I feel like doing it several time a day, but I am limiting myself to once, or at the most, twice a day, as excess of everything is bad. But after doing Neti I feel like my system is totally clean, my sinuses are getting better and the congestion is being reduced.

I do pretty vigorous cardio at the gym now and am noticing a significant increase in my stamina and endurance. Overall, a feel like a totally transformed person now and when I look at my life 11 days ago, I can't tell you how bad I feel. Cigarettes have affected EACH AND EVERY aspect of my life. I missed on so many people because they didn't like smokers, or I missed out on events where smoking was not allowed. Most of my decisions were based on how comfortable it was for me to smoke. Now, I could be an exception to the world of smokers, but as far as I am concerned, I think Smoking Cigarettes was nothing less than a curse on my life. I hope I could help other people get rid of this curse.

I am approaching my 14th day and I will only provide you with a weekly or monthly report after that as I don't think there will be much changes on a day to day basis.

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Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $123.75