Day Eight - I feel like an Ex Smoker already

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March 19, 2009.

I feel like an Ex Smoker after 8 days of not Smoking Cigarettes

All it took was 8 days and now my confidence is so high that I feel there is nothing or nobody in the world who could make me smoke. I have developed a hatred for smoking by watching videos to see how cigarettes hit our body and also by seeing the benefits of not smoking.

Smoking disabled (or at least suppressed) all my senses including vision, hearing, smell, taste and also the sense of feeling.
There was a strange numbness in my fingers, my hands had a weird sensation that made them non-sensitive. Now after quitting smoking cigarettes, All my senses are coming back. If you are a smoker and reading this article, this might sound like something not too important but believe me, this is huge. I could smell fragrances better, I can taste foods better, I can breathe better, I could sense things as I touch them, I don't feel that my ears are blocked any more. Everything just opened up. Why in this world would I want to go back to smoking that only affected my power of senses.

Smoking Affected my Concentration, Memory, and Energy Level
I was one of the smokers who would justify smoking by saying things like, it helps me concentrate, it helps me stay active and alert, it helps me remember things. You know what? I was lying. And what makes it even worse is that I lied to myself, not anyone else. After I quit smoking my concentration has increased several times, my memory has increased, and My energy level and alertness level has gone through the roof. I am alert all the time that I am up, I don't feel tired and lethargic, and when I, I work so much better. My productivity has gone up and I feel I am more motivated to be successful in life as I ever did before. Why in this world would I want to start smoking again and let smoking kill my body, brain and hinder with my career till the time I am able to work.

So on my eighth day I woke up fresh, had my tea, started my day and hit the Gym. I worked out first with weights. I have to tell you that my ability to do heavy weight exercises like bench presses, squats, etc has gone up too. This could be because of increased oxygen level in my muscles, or simply because my lungs can breathe properly and assist in my workouts. So after that I hight the elliptical trainer again and like my previous day I just took off. Ran at 12-13 mph for 8 minutes today with my heart rate going from 120 to 180 this time. I could again see sweat pouring from my head on to the floor. After a few minutes of starting, I had to start breathing from my mouth and again I inhaled all the way in (till it hurt) and exhaled all the way out. And after doing it for 10 minutes, including a 2 minute cool down, I was not totally exhausted. I could have run for longer. So here you see my stamina is getting better and so is my endurance. Why would I want to start smoking and give up this great feeling?

Then I came home, took a shower and again the smell of the soap, shampoo, clothes from the laundry just smelled awesome. I worked normally, high concentration, no breaks, great focus and a very productive day. Another thing I noticed is that I am not all that double minded about things any more. Earlier I used to wonder what should I do, what I shouldn't and if I had two things to work on, forget about it, I couldn't start with one over the other. But now, I kind of know what I need to do before hand, so I think my decision making ability has also enhanced.

In an attempt to seek more ways to clean lungs and lose weight I came across a Yoga exercise that helps you clear your lungs, remove all negative energies like stress, depression, anger, and regulates your respiratory system as well as your digestive system in addition to helping you lose a lot of weight. I have requested this to be included on the site for all readers.

UPDATE: THE VIDEO HAS BEEN ADDED AT Self Healing Methods - Yoga for Lung Cleansing

The rest of the day was as good as anything. I was absolutely fresh, comfortable, alert and energetic. Slept well and woke up fresh the next day again. Quitting Cigarettes is the best thing I ever did to myself.

I still wonder if I am totally an Ex Smoker, or still Vulnerable? Check my Day 9 Report for more

Total Money Saved since Quit Date: $90.00