Success Story of Rajeev Sharma

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

Rajeev Sharma has been a very close friend and a member of our Newsletter
Rajeev is 35 years old and resides in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Rajeev has given us a tremendous amount of information on the Self Awareness Method and is a great example of how self awareness can help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms and any other urge that may arise as a result of quitting cigarettes.

Message from Rajeev
My story is that I smoked heavily (at least a pack a day) for more than 12 years and then one day I said to myself - That’s it. Of course, I made myself aware of how cigarettes were affecting my health and life. I smoked my last cigarette. I quit using the Cold Turkey method and did not require any special assistance. It was like I just switched off the smoking button and I stopped smoking cigarettes altogether. Its looks like a fairy tale to all smokers who are trying to quit, but it is a fact.

My friends still wonder and are amazed as to how even today I don’t get tempted if they are smoking right on my face. It just doesn't. To be honest, I can even take a puff of a cigarette and never get back to the habit of smoking. And, I know this is surely a dream come true for any smoker out there.

Smoking can be your past. Just don't let your mind think that you need some help to quit smoking. I have heard and read a lot about withdrawal symptoms. If you ask me, I had no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I did crave cigarettes for a few days, but that was it. Those cravings were not overwhelming for me. It was just the awareness because of which I quit and stayed off it. You just need to understand the affects of smoking on your health. Once you are aware, whatever decision you take (to smoke or to quit), will be your own decision, and you will feel proud of yourself.

So all you people or my smoker friends. I know cigarette has given us company when we needed it the most, it was so near and always available to us whatever time or weather. But bad company as they say is not good. So lets shun it and look at better things in life. I am very happy with my life (knock wood) and it is only good because I gave up the habit that tool away my time, money, health, priceless moments, people and my confidence in myself. So now I have all of these and so much more to look forward in life.

Raakesh has taken the step to help and achieve success in providing a helping hand to Quitters but These Quitters are Winners. So use the information provided on this website and don’t just start quitting ... QUIT and then take it as it comes. May God Bless you and your Families.

Rajeev Sharma

An interesting response from Rajeev on the questionaire:
1. What is your Name? Rajeev Sharma
2. How old are you? 35 yrs
3. What is your Gender? Male
4. How many years have you been smoking for? 12 Black years of my life
5. What brand of cigarettes / cigars did you smoke? All brands are harmful and I smoked all
6. How many cigarettes / cigars did you smoke in a day? at least 20, but even one is harmful
7. Where do you live? Dubai
8. How many times have you tried to quit smoking? Once and succeeded
9. What method of quitting did you use? Cold Turkey with Self Awareness Method

So with an average of $6 per pack, Rajeev smoked cigarettes worth $26,064 before he finally called it quits.

Rajeev is an inspiration to many smokers and he has helped many people quit smoking. No, he is not a professional therapist but has helped many friends and friends of friends quit using the Self Awareness Method.

Thanks Rajeev for sharing your information.