Quit Smoking the Cold Turkey Method

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

Quit Smoking the Cold Turkey Method

NO! It is not difficult to quit smoking the cold turkey way. All you need is determination and a huge percentage of people have quit cigarettes like this. All you need is a game plan and the willingness to stick to it.

Step 1. Don't worry if it is a Tuesday or Sunday, If it is 6AM, 12PM or 6PM, if you have already smoked today or not. This is the time to quit and never smoke again.

Step 2. Just destroy all the cigarettes you have, throw / hide your lighter, clean and hide your ashtrays. Spray an air freshner in your home / office and tell yourself, I just did myself a BIG FAVOR by quitting cigarettes. Cigarettes have damaged my health and family life and I will never let it damage my life again.

Step 3. Tell your spouse, friends, and people you deal with everyday that you have quit and you intend to stick to it. Ask them for their cooperation and help if you require any.

Step 4. Come to this site (BOOKMARK IT), and visit the Motivation Tips to Quit section and watch all the videos we've added. Do this as often as you could.

Step 5. Distract yourself whenever a thought of smoking comes to your mind. Read the Staying Smoke Free section to find alternatives to smoking.

Step 6. Let accidents be mistakes and mistakes alone. If you get very tempted to smoke again and just couldn't control the urge, smoke BUT consider it a mistake and don't let it become a relapse. Don't reset your counter. If you didn't smoke for the past one week before you smoked one cigarette, quit right away and consider it the 7th day of your quitting, not the 1st day because you smoked.

Step 7. Slip ups are a part of quitting. Don't let it demotivate you. Be strong, tell yourself that you were attacked by the addiction again, but you were able to deal with it and not let this happen to you again.

Step 8. Think positive, eat healthy, and enjoy the many benefits of being a non smoker.

If you are not comfortable, try one of the following: