Day - 2 - So far So good

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

March 21, 2009

It is always easier than I think
Well, Day 2 was again not much of a pain as I anticipated, I woke up a little sore, But I went to the gym, did my workout and than went for Shopping.

There are two things that I observed, It was really difficult to concentrate on the road while driving, I was nervous .... Since I am so used to smoke while driving, My body was craving for that shot of nicotine.

As the afternoon kicked in, I observed improvement in my breathing, I smelled cilantro and green chillies after so many years. While I cut cilantro and green chillies almost daily, I just never noticed smelling them.

I also got strong cravings for food, which subsides if ignored, like cigarettes. You just have to hang on for those typical 3 to 5 minutes of madness every couple of hours, and you would be fine.

In the evening, I drank Rum and Coke and Slept well. Few weird dreams but ...overall peaceful sleep.

I want to stop the use of Nicotine totally, so on the Third Day, I got rid of the Patches

I have started seeing some benefits of quitting smoking. I am looking forward to more.