Day 12 - Freedom

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

March 31, 2009.

Its all down hill from Day 5

Well readers, I am a free man now..I don't need Patches....I don't need Cigg. I have defeated the urge and So can you.

I know I have not been posting my experiences daily, and I regret not doing it daily. But I am on my 12th day and every day since Day 5 onwards was like a breeze. Apart from occasional cravings, mostly habitual, My body never craved for smoke

Also, I didn't felt the need to eat more....So I don't have food cravings either. I am working out in Gym daily and can't believe that I have kicked one of the most tormenting habit.

Now I realize how I was actually killing my body and mind, It seems that I have awaken after a long sleep ( 11 years to be precise). My brain feels fresh and I am so happy and proud.

Trust me any one can do it, Its just a matter of deciding between your Life and Slow Death.