Day 3 - Mood Shifts....

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

March 22, 2009

Quitting Smoking is not Difficult at all
My suggestion to all readers is that don't go crazy reading posts about how difficult it is to quit smoking. It is usually more difficult in your mind, than in reality. I stopped using nicotine patches today and realized that each day since I quit smoking is way easier than I thought it would be. All you need to do is tell yourself, that you have to get through the day without smoking and never take another puff.

The third day was a mixture of positive signs and dramatic mood shifts. I woke up much fresher and rested than the previous nights, then went to the gym. Later I went for some groceries and had my lunch in a restaurant. The food tasted much better, I ordered the same dishes that I did last week at the same restaurant and there was a distinct difference in the taste this time. It tasted way better.

Also I had no problems in driving today either. Though I was not on Patch for the third day. By the evening, I was getting the Depression streaks and was really sleepy. I started my routine Rum and Coke and cooked for myself. Though an occasional craving comes now and then, But it seems that its all down hill from now onwards.

Slept well, though the Weired dreams....are still....bothering me.