Day 14 - I Love this new 'Me'

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

So am on Day 14, Though I was not disciplined enough to post my experiences daily. I was very disciplined in my crusade against smoke. Since am off it for 14 days, just using Self Awareness method. I would like to share some thing that I was told by an Ex Smoker, this fight against smoking is a life long thing. He told me that he still gets occasional cravings once in a while so you have to hang on to those, Cuz one puff becomes one Cigg in no time and you can be back on your usual routine.

Since most of my physical withdrawal symptoms are gone, I still feel the need to smoke at least once daily, I am not saying it in a negative sense, But Just wanted to prepare you that the willingness to quit should come from within. If there are external factors pushing you towards quitting, you might fall back in to the trap, And I have seen people going back to smoking even after few years without smoke.

The positive side is that once you are off it, The whole life changes....I mean you are a new person, restored Health, Improve confidence and more money to spend. This is what every one knows....and you can read it anywhere. The most important thing that I wanted to tell you is the readiness and creating a bigger mental picture of your life without smoking. Cuz in the moments of weakness that bigger mental picture of your life without smoke would be your guarding angle.

Trust me its worth a Try.....the Fight itself is very Intriguing....and the results are Rewarding.