Day Four and Five

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

March 23 - 24, 2009.

Well I want to start with an apology for not sharing my experiences on day 4 and 5. There was nothing special happening, apart from the occasional craving for Cigarettes and overall dizziness and feeling lightheaded.

My weired dreams have subsided and am really getting a nice sleep. I would again like to reiterate the fact that its only few minutes every few hours that we need to hang on to.

On the positive side, apart from the regained senses of smell and taste, I discovered abundance of energy every day, usually I used to feel tired by the end of days work. From last two days, I am feeling as if the day has just started.

The most important thing is that once you pass the first few days, and the benefits start kicking in, your inspiration becomes two fold. One you have a few days to look back to and feel proud of and the positive effects on your body makes you feel more determined and focused.

I am also contemplating on quitting Alcohol for good and undergo a massive Detoxification of my body. I mean if I can feel much better just after quitting smoking for a few days, just imagine how much bliss would it be if I can at least bring my body toxins to an all time low.

Raakesh has been really helpful all along the journey, He calls me every now and then and during the moments of weakness, he becomes my guiding force.

I can't thank him enough, and by writing my experiences daily I can show him a bit of gratitude by taking his beacon forward.

So my friends, I am an ex smoker now, and will continue to remain a non smoker. Additionally I have more challenges set up further, Quitting drinking and then eventually detoxifying my body and sticking to a healthy life style. It is amazing how quitting cigarettes makes you so health conscious and for once you start thinking of a better and healthier life.

When I used to smoke, I would never listen to anyone who tried to lecture me on smoking. But I hope any smokers reading this message gives it a shot to just see how wonderful life is without this habit.

May The Force be with you.