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Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

The fact is that most of the damage done to your body is permanent and can not be reversed. However you can reduce it's impact, effect and in some cases remove all removable residue that was deposited during smoking.

Lung Detoxification, also referred to as Lung Detox is a method by which you can start clearing up your lungs. As you are aware that 90% of the smoke that you inhale (includes Tar, Nicotine and over 2000 chemicals) goes to your lungs and stays there. It can take years before these deposits are reduced by the slightest percentage after you quit smoking. There is nothing wrong with natural healing, but these chemicals and tar have certain carcinogenic substances that can cause cancer.

Which is why even after you quit smoking, they say it takes several years till your risk of a lung cancer is reduced.

Thanks to some natural vitamins and exercises, you can now clean your lungs significantly faster. Here is a downloadable book that I read, and recommend that you read to get access to these natural techniques to get rid of all the smoking residue that you possibly can.
LungDetox Ebook (

Through this book you will learn various exercises (including breathing exercises), vitamins (that are not present in our daily foods) and techniques to help cleanse your system faster.

Not only does this system cleanse your lung, but also cleans your blood vessels, lowers your total cholesterol, cleans up your throat and significantly reduces your risk to various smoking related diseases and cancers.

Additional advantages, it lowers your anxiety, helps you lower your blood pressure, lower your stress levels and reduces your risk of a stroke.

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