Day 3. Ok the Day 3 was a little weird ...

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

Day 3 on Chantix

Slept pretty well at night on Day 2. Slept early and woke up fresh. But the entire day a little out of the ordinary. Firstly every cigarette has a bad taste to it. So bad that many times I just skipped going to smoke a cigarette, dreading the bad taste I would get in my mouth after smoking.

So the day started okay ... took my 0.5mg tablet after breakfast and started working. One thing I noticed was some anger (not very unusual) as one of my project offer was turned down. I was feeling bad about it. I would have felt bad anyways, but since I am on Chantix, I think psychologically I am reading myself too much.

- I feel I could see a much wider and deeper view than before. I don't know the reason but could be something Chantix does.
- I can smell better. Now this I know happens when you quit smoking, but I haven't even quit yet. so this nicely strange.
- No issue sleeping, no vomiting, no nausea, no other side effects but one strange feeling here and there.

I felt strange throughout the day and I feel like I did before when I quit smoking cold turkey. As if I am sleepy, tired, too much oxygen in my head or something similar. I knew it was not a bad feeling, but I was feeling somewhat intoxicated in the evening. One reason for this could be that since I don't like smoking anymore, smoking doesn't make me feel better. So to get the feeling I used to get from smoking, I smoked more than my usual. So that could be the reason for this feeling.

I will try and smoke less tomorrow and see how things work.

The late evening was good, Friday night, so you know I was out with friends, no issues (though I haven't had a beer or a drink since I started Chantix, so maybe tomorrow I'll try a drink and see if that reacts and makes me uncomfortable or what.

It could be the drink and chantix together, or the fact that I doubled the doze, because of which The 4th day on Chantix to quit smokng, had something unusual in store for me like headache, strange dreams, etc.

- by Samuel Thomas