Day 2. Taking Chantix to Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Day 1 was promising ...

Introducing - PermaQuit Method to quit smoking

Day 2 on Chantix

Let me tell you one thing, since I had a wonderful sleep, when I woke up I didn't feel like smoking as the first thing in the morning so I had my tea, relaxed, and went for a smoke later than usual. The cigarette was not as good as before. I remember the first cigarette of the day use to just feel so awesome bu this one didn't. I am feeling that as I go further into this medicine, I will start rejecting cigarettes but it's too early to say right now.

I went to the gym, worked out like crazy just to make sure that Chantix was not affecting me or my performance, then I came back, had my breakfast and took my second tablet. No thought crossed my mind, it was just like popping in a mint or a gum without thinking about it. I did not feel any of the side effects the entire day, nothing at all, rather unusually, I felt sleepy earlier than my routine and there I was sleeping like a kid again. No insomnia, no nausea, no vomiting, no headaches, no body aches or anything. The only thing I could notice though was that I was smoking more cigarettes than usual because I was not getting satisfied with one. But even with the several extra cigarettes I smoked, I was not feeling like I had smoked. This could be due to the nicotine receptors being blocked.

I haven't felt anything that would scare me. In some negative reviews I noticed that people started having experiences the very first day, but both my days went very smooth and I am happy about it.

Chantix is working fine so far, even though there are a few days to go before I quit, but the medicine seems to be working alright. I could see that smoking is not my first priority anymore, and since I am not enjoying it now, I think it doesn't attract me like it always did. So another good day on Chantix, no side effects, no worries.

Nothing to complain about, no issues BUT there were some strange feelings on The Third Day on Chantix to quit smoking

- by Samuel Thomas